How to build a 100% freelance email marketing team, to help you scale your business

Email marketing is one of the strategic tools that work best when the goal is to recruit new customers, regardless of the turn or size of your business. In fact, according to subject-matter specialist Javier Cordero, e-mail marketing is the second most effective means of promotion that exists. Direct recommendations provided by satisfied customers ranks first.  

Far from what some people may believe, e-mail marketing is not simply sending promotions by e-mail to some random people or purchased database; that is plain SPAM. Actually, making good email marketing is a complex process that enables email list segmentation, getting customers, doing branding and providing them with a step by step feeding with relevant information until they reach the final stage of purchase.

In fact, according to European agency Barilliance, email marketing is responsible for 19,8% of conversions (that is, prospects turned into customers) done within the Internet. Thus, it stands in direct competition with 19,9% of paid advertising and with 21,8% of organic traffic. Since paid advertising is more expensive than email marketing, the return on investment of the last is far superior. Canddi agency points out that it achieves an average ROI of 44%.

There are plenty of hard data on the Internet about why doing email marketing for your business. But there isn’t much information about how doing this without having to spend a lot of money in an agency or in terms of time  if you decide it to do it yourself.

Therefore, in Workana today we will explain how to build a full freelancer team to start-up this strategy on track in the simplest possible way.   

Who are the members of an e-mail marketing remote team?

As we already mentioned, email marketing is a far more complex thing than just simply sending willy-nilly e-mails to see who will bite the hook. Moreover, it is difficult to talk about emailing without simultaneously taking into consideration an integral online marketing strategy.

The freelancers needed to build a remote email marketing team are:

Let’s list, one by one, what the e-mail marketing steps are so that you come to know the role each of the professionals plays within the team. Don’t discard the chance of finding a freelancer that may develop more than one role, as far as this person is properly skilled and holds the knowledge required.

1. Lead Capturing

A Lead is a person who has provided contact data and has tacitly accepted to be sent information. It is extremely important to capture the largest number of leads as possible since they build the database to which you may send emails without turning these into SPAM.

In order to achieve a Lead, you must provide something in return. That “something” can be a subscription or a newsletter, an e-book loaded with relevant information or promotional coupons [codes].

Who are the professionals that will help you capture leads?

  • Digital Marketing Analyst: is the person who researches and analyze what kinds of content have greater chances of capturing leads for you, depending on some keywords, depending on the channel through which users reach your site and according to the business goals you have set up.
  • Writer or copywriter: is the person in charge of developing the text of the contents mentioned above, according to specifications prior-determined by the analyst.
  • Designer: is he who gives an attractive design to contents. Counting on a skilled designer proves essential because –even if your text is brilliant- if what you send fails in calling attention visually, nobody will read it.
  • Web administrator: is the person in charge of enabling plugins and pop-up windows aimed to capture leads, while making sure that those leads end up in your email’s software database.

2. Lead segmentation and management

Once you already have your leads, the following step is to determine what kind of content should be sent to each of them. You are not to send the same to everybody since they are not on the same purchase-stage.  

As an example, TOFU users (Top Of the Funnel’s Users), who are on the process of recognizing a certain need and examining the options available, differ from BOFU ones (Base of the Funnel User), who are a step away from making a purchase decision. If you send TOFU content to BOFU users, you would be losing an opportunity to give them that little push they need, for you to convert them into customers.

How do freelancers help you to manage your database?

  • Digital marketing analyst: he may also be a database expert. His task on this stage is quite similar to the above mentioned: to establish what kind of content should be sent to each lead. His goal is to maximize lead conversion opportunities in order to achieve top-rates.
  • Writer or copywriter and designer: they are in charge of writing and designing email marketing campaigns.
  • Web Administrator: he is in charge of database segmentation, giving messages an HTML format and programming email automation on the e-mail software you use.


3. Performance review

On this stage, you should analyze the real impact your email marketing campaign had. This is done through key performance indicators (KPIs). According to the authors of the blog Envíalo simple, the most important KPIs for email marketing are:

  • Delivery rate: it is the percentage of sent emails which were effectively delivered.
  • Open rate: it refers to the number of emails sent to a certain specific category, versus the number of emails which were actually opened by recipients.
  • Click-through rate: it refers to the number of users who click on any of the links within your email.
  • Conversion rate: it refers to the number of users who ended up in any conversion action within your site, which started-up triggered by your email marketing message.

Most e-mail marketing campaign automation-software provides these reports, enabling to be aware of these indicators. You or your digital marketing analyst can use this information in order to determine what changes should be done and to maintain continuous strategy improvement.

When building an e-mail marketing remote team, the trick is to keep clearly in mind the task flowing to be managed and the actions to be taken on each stage. Maybe by now, you don’t even have an email automation software, but there is nothing to worry about! There are a lot of freelancers who can give their recommendations, for you to pick up one and integrate it into your website.  

Using e-mail marketing to promote business growth is a strategy not to be discarded since it can help you to recruit lots of new customers. It is not necessary for you to seek an expert agency: by hiring the correct freelancers in Workana you can manage this by yourself while saving money and time.


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