Workana Expands its Footprint in Malaysia to Connect and Empower Tech-Driven and Creative Freelancers

  • Workana offers an even playing field for freelancers, allowing them to bid for projects that match their skill sets with the project owner’s requirements.
  • Workana aims to provide businesses with better access to freelancers in SEA via its platform

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 10th April 2019 – As a regional leader in freelancer engagement in Latin America, Workana enters the Southeast Asia market with Malaysia at its helm to provide freelancers with equal and exciting opportunities in the technology and creative industries. Workana aims to bridge the gap between freelancers in the region and companies which require such diverse workforce.

Co-founded in 2012 by Tomas O’Farrell and three other partners, Workana connects talented freelancers to businesses looking to recruit highly skilled programmers, designers and online marketers for diverse projects and continue fostering on-going relationship between two parties. With a multitude of projects to choose from, freelancers are provided with equal opportunity to bid on the projects which they are passionate about.

At the same time, Workana strives to ensure that both freelancer and employer find the right fit so that projects run optimally. To achieve this, the platform provides full transparency to both parties, allowing them to communicate openly and acting as an intermediary in terms of compensation by holding funds from the employer in escrow until a project is successfully completed.


To be part of the Workana community, employers can follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Employers post the specifics of their project online. Posting is free!
  • Step 2: Freelancers respond by sending proposals. Employers then message and interview interested freelancers before choosing the right one.
  • Step 3: Payment held by Workana until project is completed and authorization to release the funds is given.

Encouraging Malaysians to Dive into a Growing Gig Economy

Freelancing used to be viewed as a risky endeavour, reserved only for bold souls who were unafraid of the idea of a non-steady income. However, it has taken on a new persona in today’s ever- changing professional landscape. Now, young people see freelance work as an opportunity to earn a living while maintaining their flexibility, freedom and individual lifestyles.

According to a recent Forbes article, freelancing allows millennials and members of Generation Z to prioritize that which is important to them – the opportunity to travel,  family time, being able to work from home and even being able to avoid office politics. This change in workplace practice further enhances the already growing gig economy. In Malaysia alone, the freelancing economy has grown by 31%, making it the third largest market in the region.

To this effect, Workana is opening doors for Malaysians and eventually, the rest of the Southeast Asia community by connecting them to companies worldwide, which are constantly searching for talents.  Workana aims to empower freelancers through job flexibility and autonomy by encouraging more Malaysians to become part of the gig economy.

“We are envisioning an ecosystem where freelancers thrive and grow not only their creativity but also their productivity as they collaborate with diverse companies who appreciate their passion and dedication to their work. When people get to choose what they want to do and who they are comfortable working with, on their own time, they stop seeing jobs as jobs, but rather one exciting project after another. Basically, you’re getting paid for doing what you love and that’s a very powerful thing!” explains Tomas O’Farrell, CEO and co-founder of Workana.

At the same time, it is important to note that companies are now downsizing due to an increasingly competitive marketplace and are gravitating more frequently towards hiring freelancers when they can. Therefore, Workana is keen to emphasize its role in helping business owners find talented individuals to fulfil their many projects. By leveraging on Malaysia’s booming freelancer economy, CEO Tomas O’Farrell aims to further expand the Workana platform throughout Southeast Asia, bridging the gap between freelancers in the region and companies which require such a diverse workforce.


As the regional leader in Latin America, Workana has raised a total of $12 million (estimated RM50 million) in funding over 6 rounds. Their latest funding of $7 million (estimated RM30 million) was raised on 13 April 2018 in Series C round from lead investor, SEEK Ltd which owns Jobstreet and jobsDB.


About Workana

Workana is an online platform from Argentina which connects talented freelancers to diverse companies from all over the world. Specializing in connecting companies to a vast top-quality tech and creative talent pool, Workana believes in the power of freelancing. Companies are connected to the freelancers of their choice instantly, wherever they are and work can start right away. Workana was founded over 6 years ago and currently has over 1 million freelancers worldwide and more than 22,000 monthly projects.

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