How to hire the best professionals for your projects

Selecting the best professional for your development takes time and dedication, but it is what defines the success or failure of your project. So where do we start?

First of all, it is very important that you describe your need in as much detail as possible in your search. What and who are you looking for? Which tasks should they perform? Do you have any examples or references that you would like to get to?

Providing all the information the professional needs to quote for their work will make you save time. And if you forgot something when you created the project, don’t worry! You will always have the option, while you are evaluating proposals, to edit the project details to correct/add information, as well as to send a message to all candidates to clarify general questions.

Don’t forget to pay close attention to the title of the project. Remember that it has to be descriptive and specific. The title “App in IOS for delivery food services in Mexico” provides more information than “IOS App”.

“My project reflects everything I need, and now?” We suggest that you use the filtering strategy. This consists of receiving the largest possible volume of proposals and then filtering them until you get the best ones, hiding those proposals that do not fit your search and viewing only those that you are going to evaluate.

“How to filter?” We recommend that you consider 4 variables:

1) Price: Price is an important consideration. Do you have a defined budget limit for your project?

  • YES: Then discard the proposals above the established range.
  • NO: Then it is recommended that you take a look at the proposals of the most experienced professionals.

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2) References: Can you risk hiring a professional without a record?

  • YES: Then analyze the proposals of new professionals and review their work samples. Every day, talented people arrive at the platform and their prices are generally competitive.
  • NO:  If the project is extremely sensitive, it is best to consider profiles with a good track record.

3) Time: Is time an important factor?

  • YES: Then pay attention to the most experienced proposals to verify if it is a real deadline one that they propose.
  • NO: It is also a good idea to define a deadline with the chosen professional, so that both parties can organize their work and complete it within a certain period of time.

4) Worker’s response: Did the professional provide you with all the information requested?

  • YES: Then consider that profile; it means that the professional took the time to read the description of your project.
  • NO: In this case, you should not take into account the offer of someone who did not take the time to understand your needs.

At this point you should have eliminated 70% of the received proposals.

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The next step is to analyze the remaining profiles, taking into account the following characteristics:

What characteristics should the best professionals have?

  1. Good references
  2. Fluid communication
  3. Proactive attitude (search for solutions)
  4. Ability to listen and improve
  5. Be detail-oriented
  6. Creativity
  7. Honesty
  8. Certified Skills
  9. Portfolio
  10. Good predisposition

A good professional is one who gets involved in your project and in your business, providing solutions to your needs. Their quality of work is high and this will allow you to have a competitive advantage, making the return on your investment very high.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions or if you want to share your ideas in the selection of professionals, visit our Help Center.

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Author: Sofía Torrendell, Customer Success Manager at Workana, Administration graduate, photography fanatic, mad about movies and acclaimed cook.

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