Workana success story: NUMU, the App to measure your digital influence

The age of information and technology has embraced new ventures which, identifying some unattended digital opportunities, eventually turned into references and pioneers in their industries. 

Just to name a few examples: apps and platforms such as Uber, Dropbox, or even Workana. Today, we’d like to share with you the success story of Carlos Lopez, a Spaniard living in Australia and founder of NUMU, about to become one of those big apps born out of a good idea which remote work helped evolve and expand

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Early days. How did NUMU start?

Sometimes, people come up with the best ideas at the most unexpected moments. That was the case with Carlos – one day he was eating pizza with a friend who had been dumped by his girlfriend just like he had, and they decided to go dancing to cheer up. As he was checking out where to go on Instagram, he realized all those reviews from people actually worked as free advertising for pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs.

As consumers, we’re constantly creating value for brands on the Internet, and the brilliant idea that Carlos came up with was creating a tool to help keep a record of that value and accumulate it so that users could get something in exchange.

What would happen if you were rewarded with points and benefits every time you boast about your super frappuccino from Starbucks? What if you got the dessert for free at your favorite restaurant whenever you post a pic with your group of friends at that place?

NUMU uses the same marketing principles as those used by affiliates and influencers – the difference is they are now within the reach of just about anyone, through an algorithm that takes into account their personality, preferences, and level of influence on social networks.

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So they got down to work. The project was so good that they could access the Instagram API platform and launched the official version of the app in November 2018. They are about to work with Facebook data too, and they’ve already developed a very large trading network of partners. They have even opened up a new business office in Sevilla, within a really short period of their inception!

Numu and Workana freelance talent

Carlos and his partner soon found themselves in need of some specialized professionals to keep improving the website. They asked for recommendations and were led to Workana, and from the very first project implemented for a promotional video, they fell in love with the model, agility and easy access to the best talents. And also with the level of professionalism of our freelancers!

Nowadays, they share a long, successful history of projects on the platform, ranging from edition and programming to customer service. Would you like to see some of their reviews?

Creation of a 1.5 minute video #Numufamily

[I want to thank Carlos for letting me join the project, he has a very clear vision of what he’s aiming for and knows how to communicate it well]

[The videos created by Dar Riu have allowed us to create viral campaigns, reaching almost 10,000 pre-downloads before launching our App and consolidate a unique corporate image for attracting new enterprises and future investors. Although not a part of our team, his talent, professionalism, and work capacity have turned him into a key element for the future of our company.]

Programmer to Encrypt 1 screen with 6 Graphics (Design, Elements and Back-End Provided)

[Excellent client, very good work experience]

[Working with Tecnologías Web has been a real pleasure. Besides the work quality, we truly appreciate their capacity to work independently and ease a significant workload from our engineers without the need to supervise their job until they sent us the final result]

Data Entry on Excel for 400 Online Fashion Enterprises (Name of Companies Provided)

[Great experience working with Carlos, he was really nice to deal with and very clear on his project]

[Excellent work]

Improvements for Our Website

[Carlos is a very active entrepreneur with a great business idea, I really thank the opportunity to work on the project. He’s a guy who knows what he wants and always expects the best from you. Besides, he’s very patient and organized. I strongly recommend him as an excellent client with which you can keep developing while supporting his projects.]

[Working with Nazar was a great experience. He easily incorporated our requirements and corporate identity through his designs].

What does Carlos recommend other entrepreneurs and startups from his experience with NUMU?

“I believe that any startup today must use Workana in order to escalate. Those who still don’t use it are missing out on a huge competitive advantage as regards to execution speed. Besides, at Workana you can count on a guarantee, and anyone’s reputation is public information for anyone to see. If you’re using the platform for the first time, remember that it’s important to pay for a quality job and hire experienced freelancers. They already know how to handle remote projects – for instance, now we’re only working with Pro freelancers.”

Carlos Lopez

Is that all clear? Our platform and our talents are your best partners to boost your business growth and success. Create your project right now and find out all the things the right freelancer can do for you.

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